Hello my dear visitor, before you contact me personally, I appreciate it very much, if you first inform yourself about me.

It’s nice that you have many questions that you would like to ask me personally, but many others have these questions too. That’s why I’ve made it easier for you and for me, and I’ve already shared a lot of information here on my website.

What are my preferences that I offer to my guests and what I refuse?
How much is a session, etc.?

Now your task is quite simple, look around here and read yourself.

If you still feel like making an appointment with me, then you are welcome to contact me.

Day, time and how long you want to come to me, it happens more often to me that I take a down payment from my personally unknown guests. Only as a hint.

I live in Berlin and work in the Fetisch Institut, which is my studio.

Bizarre greetings Lady Blackdiamoond

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