Lady Blackdiamoond

Experienced fetish- and femdom mistress from Berlin..

My name is Mistress Blackdiamoond. I’m fetishist and intelligent mistress from Berlin. My dominance is Genuine passion. Beginner, fetishists and slaves can drop themselves with me. I am very responsible. My authentic dominant appearance attracts my guests always to come back, because I am also a specialist of Dirty Games. True connoisseurs have long known that mistress Blackdiamoond represents the highest level of discretion and security.  I practice exclusively practices from which I have mastered to perfection and for me its extremely important that my guests laid in a protective atmosphere, before I take total control. I dont do Wishlists, but of course I’m on your preference and your taboos are observed at 100%. Confidence is the basis for a successful session.

I am:


I like:

Cuisine - Italian, Mediterranean, French
Drinks - Dry white whine Sancerre, champagne
Parfum - No 1 El Pasajero LENGLING Parfums Munich

My Preferences

Passion and ferventness


Foot Fetish

Boot erotic and High Heel Fetish, Nylons and Foot Fetish, Trampling


Authentic Role Playing, Chastity, Feminization, Anal examination, Strap-On, Tickling, Bondage


Golden Shower


Latex Sessions and Heavy Rubber, Clinic Games

General Femdom

Breath Reduction, Fixation, Mummification, Detention


Leather Fetish, CBT, Long-term Education


Questions and answers

After making an appointment, you fill out my questionnaire and send it back to me by e-mail.
So we can then find out together in the appointment what is exactly right for you, so that we can have fun together in the game of eroticism and dominance that follows.
BDSM isn’t always about pain, it’s also possible without it.

In the studio is the minimum 1 hour, because anything less is not a pleasure, but just a quick number and that’s not my style.

Escort from a booking of 2 hours within Berlin, outside at least 4 hours.

A deposit is approx. 50%, we will arrange how you send it to me by e-mail.

There is no return of a deposit, if canceled within 24 hours, it will be forfeited.

You have the option of getting an alternative date within 3 months.

In Berlin at Studio Fetisch Institut

from 1 hour 300 Euro

+ 1/2 hour 150 Euro

1 hour latex 350 Euro

+ 1/2 hour latex 175 Euro

Couples + 100 Euro per hour

Caviar + 150 Euro

Hotel visit from 1 hour 350 Euro + 50 Euro latex

After the appointment, you fill out my questionnaire and send it back to me filled out by e-mail.
So we can then find out together in the appointment, what is exactly right for you, so that we have fun together in the following game of eroticism and dominance.
BDSM is not always about pain, it also works without.

Couples are very welcome to me. And of course just single ladies too.

GV, OV, psycho torture, forbidden, wrestling, rimming, without code word, complete script default,

only by mail blackdiamoond8@gmx.de

What I especially appreciate if you inform yourself in detail about me on my website before you contact me.
Many questions that I have been asked by email beforehand can be looked up in advance. I use the means of communication to make appointments and not for longer exchanges to find out that it doesn’t fit or for a free chat. I am very transparent with my prices and what passions I have.

With new guests I always take a deposit, if the appointment is canceled within 24 hours, the deposit is forfeited.

If you need to reschedule our appointment, contact us at least 24 hours in advance and the deposit can be applied to this rescheduled session.

If you are more than 15 minutes late without reporting, I will assume that you will not show up and the session will be ended with the deposit retained.

Preliminary talk

Since you send me my completed questionnaire by email after making an appointment, I can already get an idea of ​​you and a preliminary talk of 5 minutes is absolutely sufficient.

If you would like to have a longer conversation, this is included in the game time, because after all you book the time with me.

A Lady is always happy about attentions, be it to pay homage to me or to bring as a present to our session.

Amazon Wishlist

Delivery Adress:
Fetisch Institut
Dudenstrasse 22 (linker extra Eingang)
10965 Berlin

other wishes: KaDeWe Vouchers for Shopping

I will visit you at the hotel, or book an accommodation for me, where you may then come to me.

If I travel outside of Berlin, you have to pay additionally my flight and 5* hotel costs.

If I travel outside of Germany, depending on the amount of time, you have to pay a flat fee for that, in addition to the playing time.

A deposit has to be paid in principle, there are no negotiation possibilities.

In case of cancellation within 24 hours, the deposit is gone.

In the case of timely postponement, there may be additional costs such as flight rebooking, etc..

Frequently answered questions