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Lady Blackdiamoond

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Mistress Blackdiamoond


Lady Blackdiamoond

Experienced fetish- and femdom mistress from Berlin.

My name is Mistress Blackdiamoond. . I’m fetishist and intelligent mistress from Berlin. My dominance is Genuine passion. Beginner, fetishists and slaves can drop themselves with me. I am very responsible. My authentic dominant appearance attracts my guests always to come back, because I am also a specialist of Dirty Games. True connoisseurs have long known that mistress Blackdiamoond represents the highest level of discretion and security. As experienced mistress I can master extreme torture without leaving obvious traces. I practice exclusively practices from which I have mastered to perfection and for me its extremely important that my guest, Slave or servants laid in a protective atmosphere, before I take total control. I dont do Wishlists, but of course I’m on your preference and your taboos are observed at 100%. Confidence and a detailed preliminary is the basis for a successful session.






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A true Mistress

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Lady Blackdiamoond

My | Preferences


PASSION AND Ferventness

Bookable for: Sessions in the studio, Bizarre Escort, Duo Dates with other ladies. Minimum booking period: 1 hour.


FAntasies become reality

Mistress Blackdiamoond


What are my taboos?
Intimate Contact, Baby Games and Vomit
How long is the minimum booking period?
1 Hour
How can you contact me?
Phone +49 176 89019582 (anonymous calls won’t receive an engagement + no SMS!) or by mail
How does my first session as an absolute beginner look like?
In a detailed conversation before the engagement I will find out what’s exactly the best thing for you so we have lot of fun together afterwards, in a game full of erotic and domination.
Which practices do the lady like most?
Everything I have listed in my preferences is very appealing for me and I always like to try out new things. Especially I like foot fetish, anal games, humiliation and classic femdom education.
Do you also accept couples?
Couples are very welcome to me. And of course just single ladies too.

Education until Perfection

Relaxation and taking over control

Mistress Blackdiamoond


Berlin, Germany


Phone: +49 176 89019582 (anonymous calls won’t receive an engagement + no SMS!)


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